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Developing skills, confidence, social interaction, knowledge and an understanding of the workplace.

About us

SCB (Special Needs) Limited was founded in 1998 by John Coupland and his co-Founder Mike Card.

SCB was born out of the desire of John’s daughter, who had special needs to have access to the same working opportunities and to experience the world of work as other people her age. She wanted to learn what it was to work, to feel a sense of achievement, earn an income, meet friends and have a sense of purpose.

Failing to locate such an opportunity, John and his co-Founder created SCB (Special Needs) Limited. That was back in October 1998 and to this day, the charity is still helping others achieve their goals and develop their potential.

About us

As a not for profit organization and a registered charity, we are also endorsed by Cheshire East Council and now benefit from the support of a growing number of customers.

Our aims are

  • To establish a strong community based business with a culture of equal opportunities for all, irrespective of any disability.
  • To forward equal opportunities and life enhancement for people with special needs and/or learning difficulties.
  • To provide a safe environment for trainees, enabling them to acquire a better quality of life through increased confidence, higher self-esteem and a sense of being valued.
  • To help people with special needs and/or learning difficulties to develop both their personal and work skills ensuring progress to reach their full potential.
  • To provide support to service users families and carers through regular reports on progress.
  • To show individual progress within a working environment leading to employment through the Supported Employment Scheme.
  • Operate as a business resource that aims to produce a quality service at competitive rates whilst enabling each employee to work to their own capability.

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About us