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our aim is to support ambition in adults with additional support needs individuals

We do this by providing meaningful experiences drawn from the world of work that many people take for granted.

Support for people

Since we were established in 1998, our aim has been simple: to support ambition in adults with additional support needs individuals and enable them to fulfill their potential.

As a result, at SCB, we often see our Service Users develop and grow and the feedback we receive from both them and their families tells us that we are achieving our aims.

We often see our Service Users flourish in so many ways and  from the moment they join us, we witness levels of personal development that allows them to interact with others and undertake tasks that many would not have thought possible just twelve months ago.

This comes about through providing the opportunity to interact with others throughout the working day and by undertaking simple but achievable tasks whilst receiving instruction and support from dedicated staff.  Progress is carefully monitored, with regular reviews being carried out, as skills are built up towards the possibility of an external placement.

As a result, our ‘placements’ are extremely popular and once with us, our Service Users are reluctant to leave. However, if you feel that you know someone who would benefit from joining us, take a look at our referral process below to find out more.


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Support for People